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dognmonkeyshow is my journal for fanfiction, meta, thoughts on writing and other fandom-y activities, currently focusing on BBC Sherlock fandom. My fic in Sherlock fandom is exclusively Gen and most of it Mycroft-focused, so if you're looking for John/Sherlock fic you're really in the wrong place.

Please note that you can also find all of my recent fic on my AO3 account (dogandmonkeyshow).

My previous fandoms represented on this journal include Harry Potter and Doctor Who, though most of my older fic is HP. This journal contains just about every kind of fic imaginable, some of it on the dark side. If you are in any way squickable, please read and heed fic warnings.

Please feel free to friend if you like. There's no need to drop me a note; I don't believe in application processes for friending. I follow my flist pretty actively, so you might find me dropping in to your journal if you do friend this one.

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